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Creation and deployment of a specific system for social media

Community management and graphic design


We have supported the CSN team in defining its social media strategy and provide an operational kit enabling the CSN community manager to have visual and conversational guidelines.


  • Notaries public
  • Individuals


The Conseil Supérieur du Notariat (CSN) brings together 72 departmental chambers of notaries and 33 regional councils of notaries. Recently, the CSN has proposed an amicable solution to resolve conflicts. It is possible to seek agreement to resolve a dispute in a peaceful manner, using a third party called the mediator.

Design scope

    A turnkey system that can be deployed on several sites:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Community mapping
  • Social media Guidelines
  • Visual library of standard posts


Operational guidelines and a library of 40 posts ready for integration by the community management team.

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