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We implement a marketing automation program to acquire, transform and sustainably retain your audience

Our domains of expertise

Inbound marketing audit, from SEO to SXO, Social media advertising (SMA), Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Marketing Automation Action Plan

Inbound marketing audit

Build up your inbound marketing score in order to remain competitive. Optimize the existing one and implement your new project.

  • Choosing the scope of analysis


    Select your competitors and the platform on which you want the performance audit to take place. The goal of inbound marketing strategy is to generate leads and maximize your sales. To help you define and design your inbound marketing program we designed a blank matrix that counts your inbound score. It is analyzing ways and solutions that you use to attract visitors, convert them, close prospects and delight your customers.

  • Matrix inbound marketing


    To help you define and design your inbound marketing program we designed a blank matrix that counts your inbound score. It is analyzing ways and solutions that you use to attract visitors, convert them, close prospects and delight your customers.

  • Corrective actions


    Once your score is determined, next in line is to design the inbound program and associated actions that needs to be made. Firstly, we optimize existing one and secondly, we model and deploy operationally validated program.


Permanently position your site in the top results of the search engines

  • Positioning audit


    Level your keyword pool to utilize relevant keywords which are most recognisable. Positioning audit takes place every month.

  • Naming Policy


    Think of structure and nomenclature of the site to prioritize content in order to show the right keywords.

  • Semantic cocoon


    Build a set of pages with subjects ranging from general to particular, whose network has been developed to guide the user to a page that is, or will be, the conclusion of this set; designing a semantic cocoon per persona.

  • Content optimisation


    Optimize your content so that it meets all the SEO criteria (H1 tagging and prioritization, percentage of keywords, contextualization, form, W3C compliance...)

  • SEO Tags


    Mark your entire site with the correct title, description, also use metadata and structured data to enrich the results.

  • URL Rewriting


    Rewrite URLs in a way to redirect links to the key pages of the site. This URL rewriting is a key phase if we want to keep good position on search results while redesigning a site.

  • Backlinks Strategy


    Work, communicate and build in order to have quality links pointing to the homepage and the other pages.

  • Action tracking


    Measure your SEO performance using a cockpit, taking a positioning report and the traffic generated on the site.

Paid advertising and sponsored campaigns (SEM = SEA + SMA)

Positioning your site quickly in the top place of search results

  • Set your targets


    Specify your persona SEO (SXO) according to different criteria: gender, age, socio-professional category, geographical location, personal and professional interests, professional sector.

  • Choosing Keywords


    Select the keywords of your business and simulate dialogues with buyer persona you've identified to discover new keywords. Choosing the right one is choosing keywords that bring traffic, which is of high importance when it comes to attracting new visitors.

  • Target audience


    Set the ads based on the objectives of your personas, typology of your leads and the desired geo-location.

  • Copyright text for ads


    Create ads according to editorial strategy in order to reach objectives, do the AB testing to improve performances

  • Setting the budget


    Set the amount and frequency of media budget which you allocate for your SEA campaign based on your conversion goals and key indicators.

  • Monitoring and control of key performance indicators


    Create your KPIs (key performance indicator) in order to drive your campaigns. Without indicators, you will have no way to assess the impact and performance of your marketing actions.

  • Google Studio Cockpit


    Measure your marketing performance using Google Studio Cockpit. Thanks to Google data studio and other tools, we can automate the sending of your AdWords reports, analytics...

Content marketing

Create content according to your inbound program

  • Vidéos


    If you choose the video format to show your expertise, your customers, your mindset, your achievements - it will be striking. You are a media and your users are demanding. Also, it is no longer required to do staged shooting since the stock video sites offer video sources.

  • Motion Design


    You can also choose animated graphics. With this format you can explain complex topic, it also helps to provide tutorials or active teaching videos for example.

  • Blog posts


    Essential to show off expertise and share it, the blog posts are critical in your SEO strategy.

  • Glossary


    The glossary geathers your knowledge and expertise. Also, it's reassuring for your visitors. It consolidates your semantic cocoons and is particularly appreciated by Google, which greatly affects your SEO. It often avoids traffic leaks.

  • FAQs


    The FAQs are a list of questions that you are asked the most about your services or a products. It's a good resource but it also saves time for users.

  • White paper


    The white paper focuses on a specific theme, depending of a subject. Its main subject is often testimonials and feedback, but also sharing relevant resource which can be used to collect data of its readers. There are different types of white paper, such as: NanoBook (practical guide) MicroBook, minibook, ebook, MEGABOOK.

  • Newsletter


    In order to highlight all the new information relevant to you, the newsletter is an efficient solution as it's easily automated. Its usage is increasing as it's a simple way to reach out to all your registered subscribers.

  • Case study


    Show off your achievements emphasized on case studies. It is a way to remember the context, objectives, target group, proposed concept, used digital channels and finally, the achieved results.

  • Podcast


    Usage of podcast as a format is in constant increase. It is an audio file that you can listen anytime, anywhere, and can present a topic while having multiple speakers around the microphone.

Marketing Automation Action Plan

Attract, convert, close, delight your users by generating qualified traffic through automation of your marketing process

  • Definition of strategy


    Define your marketing and sales goals. Flat out the indicators you want to track to evaluate the performance of your campaigns. Describe your personas (interlocutors, maturity, needs, activation levers, contact points...). Refine your objectives in line with persona (anonymous visitor, identified visitor, qualified prospect, customer, loyal custome ...). List how you will collect their data and especially how you will segment them to automatically consolidate your database. Then, model your scenarios of identification, qualification, nurturing. Depending on your content marketing strategy and all your resources, describe the necessary elements for your campaigns (forms, landing page, email, sms...). Consolidate your action plan and operational implementation. Choose your marketing automation solution or a tool.

  • Automation configuration


    Choose your solution - marketing automation tool. Synchronize the one displayed with your CRM / ERP. Create your account. Integrate your tracking pixels. Configure and create custom segments and fields.

  • Deploying campaigns


    Operational implementation. Configuring forms, landing page, pop in). Copywriting all messages, download resources, import and deduplication your database. Definition of scoring your leads. Test your scenarios.

  • Cockpit, monitoring & test and learn


    Reporting and campaign optimization.

Our methodology


- Syxperiane


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