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Raising a profession's awareness of social and technological change

Visual facilitation & collaborative thinking


The Union des Maisons Françaises is a union that is largely representative of the profession, since it currently has nearly 600 member brands spread throughout the country, representing more than 55% of the French market for single-family homes for sale or in villages. Since 1961, the Union des Maisons Françaises has expressed the common desire of representative and demanding professionals, keen to develop their profession and the service provided to buyers.
The Union des Maisons Françaises ensures its local action through its 19 regional delegations.


  • Members of the Board of Directors and National Office
  • The Presidents of Regions and Departments
  • The Chairmen and members of the National Working Commissions
  • The Regional Delegates


On the occasion of the traditional meeting of the Forces Vives de l'Union, we led the Communication Commission's discussions on new customer profiles and the need to adapt the profession and behaviour. The aim is to ensure that the construction profession keeps pace with the profound changes in the digital society.

Design scope

  • A motion design film
  • 2 Interventions to decipher and analyze trends
  • Workshop Design Thinking 'putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers'
  • Visual facilitation to define the strategic axes of the 2015 - 2016 roadmap before the seminar
  • Realization of 5 empathy map allowing each of the invited participants to identify with a socio-type client.
  • Visual synthesis of the 2 days of work


At the end of the two days of seminars, more than 100 people acculturated and made aware of the new paradigm of the digital economy, the Communication Commission is responsible for examining 8 operational projects to deepen the field of possibilities throughout the second half of 2015.

empathy maps made collectively
summary of the 2 days in a sketch note

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