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Reinvent your customer paths

An innovation game for all employees


The Trécobat Group is one of the leaders in the construction of single-family homes in France. We have proposed to the entire Group a transformation programme in the form of an 'innovation game' enabling all employees to put themselves in the shoes of their customers throughout the key stages required to build a single-family home.


  • 15 branches in France
  • 200 employees (sales representatives, site managers, administrative staff)


A half-day creative workshop was offered to all the Group's agencies to reflect on the key stages of the customer journey and identify areas for improvement for the future.

All the workshops held in the branch were then presented to senior management as part of the Group's innovation roadmap.

Design scope

  • Flash conferences on the new challenges of the digital economy
  • An innovation game based on the customer's career path to address the key steps in the construction of a single-family home
  • A roadmap to implement the identified opportunities


An innovation program deployed across all employees and a methodology to identify opportunities to improve customer relations.

Embedded employees
Opportunities identified

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