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Reorganization of the information architecture, ergonomic and graphic redesign, development of a multi-site platform under the Wordpress environment


Discover the pleasures and advantages of {CO}-construction.
Primobois, a subsidiary of the Trecobat Group created in 2013, offers new generation wooden house constructions.

The more you participate, the more you save while being supported throughout your project. Primobois has developed the concept of a ready-to-deliver wooden house with manufacturer's guarantees. Today Primobois is structured around about twenty branches. A subsidiary of the Trecobat group, Primobois is clarifying its offer by merging its corporate website and blog.


  • Individuals, first-time buyers or not, who wish to build a wooden frame house
  • Do-it-yourself enthusiasts and resourceful
  • Hedonists and lovers of wood construction


Before embarking on the redesign of ergodesign, we asked all agency managers to draw up typical user profiles, we talk about persons.

After a synthesis of the information we were able to outline the different user paths in order to meet the particularities and expectations of each. Throughout the project, we supported the communication unit in the design and implementation of their new website in order to coordinate the various stakeholders involved.

Design scope

  • Realization of a Wordpress multi-site
  • Implementation of a field research module and/or houses interfaced with the Trecobat Group's information system
  • Reorganization, rewriting and initialization of content


Democratize the concept of {CO}-construction by relying on a real support program.
Deploy an active pedagogy strategy by relying on editorial content.
Enhance the various trades that make up the company by showcasing its backstage of the company and its manufacturing processes.
Merge existing content on the site and on the blog.

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