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Design a COM / MKT action plan

A co-design approach involving managers and employees


Novalto has 6,000 customers in France, a turnover of 15 million euros and 100 employees.
Inspired by the principle of the works council, C.E. forAll is a turnkey solution for a SME manager who seeks to motivate, retain and reward his employees.


  • Marketing team
  • Innovation team


We proposed to the marketing & innovation team a co-design program organized in workshops to characterize the profiles of the main targets, identify and prioritize the COM and MKT actions of the C.E. brand for all.

Design scope

  • A framing workshop to clarify the client's digital ecosystem
  • A customer journey workshop to optimize COM and MKT actions with key personnel
  • An action plan detailing priority initiatives and associated costs


An operational action plan to implement communication and e-marketing actions

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