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Simply explain complex concepts to better understand them

Visual thinking at the service of active pedagogy


With a view to acculturation, La Poste Group's Digital Lab makes it easier to understand a world that is changing very quickly.

Since its launch, the Digital Lab has demonstrated La Poste Group's ability to reinvent everyday life through projects co-constructed with SMEs and innovative start-ups.

The Digital Lab offers the Group's managers a review called the Cahiers de l'innovation.

For its participation in the Futur en Seine event, the Digital Lab has made a special edition available to the public.


  • Internal
  • Suppliers
  • Future visitors to the Seine


We assisted the Digital Lab in the design and illustration of the magazine.

We have worked on simplifying and illustrating articles by creating sketches. This principle is used for collaborative work but also for visual facilitation.

We had sensed that this way of working was ideal for a team used to brainstorming

Design scope

  • A paper magazine


Innovation notebooks are used to spread the postal message internally, to its suppliers and during events dedicated to innovation. This treatise (sketchnote) makes it possible to explore complex subjects in a playful way but above all to facilitate acculturation work with less expert audiences.

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