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Evolve from a presence strategy to a more strategic and qualitative community leadership strategy

Community management and editorial strategy

In order to support and encourage entrepreneurial initiatives, the CIC has created a magazine '' dedicated to entrepreneurs. This space for exchange and sharing is intended to provide and share information to undertake 'in a changing world'


  • The contractor or the buyer
  • The craftsman
  • The owner of the property
  • The employee undergoing retraining
  • The senior
  • The student


To better understand our end-users, we conducted a detailed analysis of the different people involved. We then rethought the operational strategy to make CIC's expertise in supporting entrepreneurship known. It is a question of sending the right message and adapting it to the different audiences. On the strength of these actions, we have mapped the different communities to solicit them 'in real life'. We have developed a steering cockpit to measure the impact of our actions.

Design scope

  • Ecosytem map
  • Guidelines and personnae
  • Charter for using social networks internally
  • Typical editorial planning
  • Monitoring of publications
  • Reporting


  • Consolidation of the editorial strategy
  • Identification and detection of communities to target
  • Twitter account structuring
  • +1000
    creation of accounts on the site
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