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A co-design device to imagine and produce a POC of an ERP+CRM service


The Eki-Libre platform aspires to work differently from previous generations and from the endless metro-business asleep-five-days-on-seven.
The Eki-Libre platform allows everyone to find the balance between professional and personal life... And this objective is increasingly accessible thanks to telework, timesharing or the various independent statutes. It is from this analysis that the Eki-Libre online service was born.


  • Self-employed and self-employed entrepreneurs
  • The TV workers
  • Start-ups


We accompanied the team of Eki-Libre founders by offering them a program to co-design the future user experience of the platform

Design scope

  • A framing workshop to clarify the client's digital ecosystem (EcosystemMap)
  • A Personae workshop to put yourself in the users' shoes and imagine their profile, motivations and obstacles.
  • A Roadmap to identify, qualify, prioritize, cost and prioritize the next actions to be taken.
  • Storyboard & Moodboard to define the design principles and brand platform for the future digital device.


An operational prototype of the service including storyboard, graphic model of the site, navigation ergonomics, user experience and com kit.

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