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Consolidate and deploy the social marketing strategy with different stakeholders

Digital strategy, Website production & Community Management


CELC is the only European agro-industrial organisation grouping and federating all stages of production and processing of flax and hemp. In 2016, it launched the Ultra Lin programme with the support of the European Union.


  • Prescribers (students, designers, architects, fashion designers)
  • General public consumers of products made from flax fibre.


Ultra Lin is a global promotion plan for Linen including workshops, events and a monumental exhibition on Place des Vosges. 50A designed the entire digital system based on the website as well as the management of the various existing social networks.

Design scope

  • Website
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Editorial planning
  • Production of creative media
  • Creating the instagram account
  • Mécanique d'activation via différents jeux
  • Monitoring of publications in team with the internal CM
  • Media plan
  • Measurement and optimization


In partnership with the Villa d'Alesia agency, we coordinated the various project stakeholders involved in the digital strategy. We have homogenized all social networks both editorially and graphically. Several games were deployed on social networks on this occasion.

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50% more subscribers on Twitter
14% of traffic generated on the site via social networks

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