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Running social networks and monitoring the e-reputation of Maisons France Confort

E-reputation & Community Management

Context & Issues

Maison France Confort is the French leader in the construction of single-family homes. In order to control its online brand image, Maisons France Confort called on our social media team to analyse the opinions of Internet users about it and to animate its social networks in order to give more proximity.


  • General public
  • Young first-access students
  • MFC Network Employees


Between 2012 and 2015 we built and deployed the strategy for animating Facebook, Twitter and Google + accounts at Maisons France Confort. We have monitored their e-reputation in order to improve the brand's image and increase confidence in customer relations.

Design scope

  • Monitoring monitoring e-reputation
  • Purchase / sponsorship plan for posts
  • Editorial schedules
  • Production of creative media
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • Comprehensive monitoring procedure
  • Setting up competitions


Regarding e-reputation, we have detected negative, positive or neutral traces on the web.

We moderated defamatory or erroneous messages and set up scenarios for responding to customers on the various platforms where they spoke (forums, blogs, opinion sites, etc.). We have made it possible to provide better support for clients/internet users who encounter problems on their sites. Regarding social media animation, we have animated social networks by combining several objectives: inform, federate, engage and transform. <br>Inform about commercial offers and the real estate market, federate the MFC network with games, engage targets around inspiring creative content and transform prospects into customers.

traces on the web processed per year
Facebook fans recruited

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