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Digital experiences

With you, and for you, we design and develop a powerful user experience by using the latest technology.

Our areas of expertise

UX & Web design, Website and Extranet, Full Stack Development, Mobile Applications, Webmastering

UX & Webdesign

Imagine a user experience which places the needs of your customers under the spotlight.

  • Audit & Benchmark


    Identify the best UX practices of the players in your competitive environment and position your products and services ahead of your competitors through our inbound marketing matrix

  • Buyer Persona


    Put yourself in your clients' shoes to determine the best user experience, motivations, hesitations, digital preference, ways to build trust.

  • Customer journey


    Challenge the key stages of your customer journey. Identify bottlenecks, such as bounce rate. Optimize the user experience by providing a fluid and effective customer experience.

  • Information architecture


    Define the architecture of your content and services to maximize the user experience and create logical access to the information: Main navigation, sub navigation, contextual navigation, cross navigation.

  • UX storyboard


    Organize the information of each key templates: main navigation elements, contextual information, slideshow, share text and visual content, main teasers, logic call to action

  • Artistic direction


    Imagine a digital identity and/or print of your project which respect your graphic chart. The artistic direction shows the personality of the project and helps provide: logo, visual trends, web layout, print layout ...

  • Graphic model


    Illustrate your storyboard with the digital identity by creating graphic models of key templates and visuals sets : banners, buttons, navigation elements, visual format, color codes ...

  • UI KIT


    Formalize a summary document containing all the ergo-design specifications (colors, fonts, call to action...) to provide a developer with graphics UX components of the digital project which is undergoing developed.

Websites & extranet

Create or redesign your website, extranet or your mobile application

  • Project scope


    Mark the scope of your project on the functional, technical or organizational level. The ecosystem map makes it possible to achieve the project scope: context, audience, resources, communication channels, connections to the information system ...

  • Business workflow


    Challenge the key stages of your customer journey. Identify bottlenecks, such as bounce rate. Optimize the user experience by providing a fluid and effective customer experience.

  • Matrix of content


    Identify your content, and organize it to detail: its objective in acheiving the editorial strategy, frequency of posting, authors, image format, text format, a video format. Finally, prioritize and assign it to different contributors in charge of the content.

  • Multi-site deployment


    Develop one master platform which will allow you to connect different internets, e-commerces, websites, mobile applications and all of that for different countries in different languages.

  • Project management


    Follow your project with our project management tool called Basecamp: assign each task to anyone in all stages of the project: design, ergo-design, development ... Prepare and facilitate projects milestones both weekly and monthly.

Full stack development

Web development tailored to your requirements or integrated with CMS features

  • Technical scope


    Mark the technical scope of your project by modeling your information ecosystem map: basic data, technical directory, databases, third-party applications, API connectors ...

  • Data model


    Have a technical representation which illustrates your various data: business data, customer data, technical data, database, information system ...

  • XHTML integration


    Integrate CSS for different sizes of the devices, according to all web standards: page optimization for SEO, GDPR compliance, responsiveness...

  • CMS integration


    Choose, customize and develop your content management system (CMS: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento...) to create, manage and publish the content for your website, your extranet or intranet ...

  • Custom development


    Benefit from the developement of your business and information system using the latest technologies. PHP, JavaScript, Java, C ++ are among languages ​​that we have mastered in order to answer all of your needs...

  • API connections


    Connect your different web and business applications to facilitate the automation of tedious tasks and make them available in SaaS mode.

Mobile applications

Creating your app using the latest mobile technologies

  • Ios, Android, Windows


    Choose among various industry standards to design and develop your web and business applications.

  • Marketing Google Play


    With over 30 million available references, the Android Market becomes Google Play now. Also, the application Playbook made for developers allows them to develop your application on Google Play.

  • Marketing App Store


    The App Store, which has been created over 10 years ago, is an online store which distributes your application to end users. It is made by Apple and also allows you to have the users statistics.

  • React Native Development


    A framework enabling developers to create the cross-platform mobile applications. React Native, which was created by Facebook back in 2015, is used by many large companies like Instagram, Skype or Discord.

  • IONIC Framework


    Thanks to web technologies it allows us to create multi-platform mobile applications


Guide your team in the production of multimedia content on daily basis

  • Content update


    Take advantage of our responsive assistance in drafting and / or updating your content on your digital channels: website, extranet, mobile applications...

  • Functional update


    Take advantage of our responsive assistance for functional upgrade of your digital channels: blog, social wall, calendar, e-commerce store, yearbook, responsiveness...

  • Technical update


    Take advantage of our expert support in technical update of your digital channels: CMS, plug-ins, security patch, hosting, emailing ...

  • Multimedia production


    Take advantage of our creative support for multimedia content: motion design, infographics, data visualization, sales pitch, slideshow, photo gallery, video clips, video interviews ...

  • Audience monitoring


    Manage your monthly digital activities with a dashboard made out of your performance indicators: audience, users, geographic location, bounce rate, incoming traffic, search result...

Our methodology



Design and development of a one page under a custom technical environment.

See the case study

- Ynov Campus

Design, development and uploading of 4 one page under a Wordpress environment.

See the case study

Nexoris -

Design of services and user experience of an intermediation platform.

See the case study


Digital strategy, Website production & Community Management

See the case study


Reinvent teaching.

See the case study


Redesign a site according to user behaviour and performance indicators.

See the case study


Imagine and produce a POC of an ERP+CRM service

See the case study

- Total

Managing a galaxy of international sites

See the case study

- Teoxane

Design and production of a multi-site e-commerce system

See the case study

- Primobois

How to redesign your website by soliciting the company's stakeholders to create support for the project and reclassify your offer.

See the case study

Adidas Get Ready -

Enable digital natives with a multi-country device.

See the case study

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